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IVEC: The Intelligent Dust Collection Controller Alternative!

What are dust collection controllers?   IVEC™ (Intelligent Ventilation Energy Controls) Systems have been saving companies thousands of dollars each month utilizing automated control technology that optimizes performance for new or existing process ventilation systems (dust collectors, mist collectors, etc.). Your company could be sitting on a gold mine of savings that will continue to generate calculable returns for years to come. Learn here how IVEC™ state-of-the-art technology can provide a significant and positive impact to your bottom line!

The Truth About Dust Collection Controllers

Reduce energy and utility costs
Save on Energy and Utility Costs

Let’s face it; utility companies have always had the upper hand on your company’s energy cost. Now you can take control of your energy usage with IVEC™ and, like other companies, save up to 85% on your next utility bill.

Reduce maintenance costs
Add Capacity to Existing Systems

Is your current process ventilation system at or near capacity? IVEC™ expands the capacity of existing systems well beyond expectations. Learn how you can revitalize your current process ventilation system using IVEC.

Extend equipment life
Reduce Shop Noise

Let’s clear the air of unwanted noise. You may not think much about it but your process ventilation system may be a huge contributor to noise in your work environment. Cut the noise with IVEC™ and think more clearly.

Increase productivity
Maximize Your Ventilation ROI

An IVEC™ installation returns more than clean air; it returns every cent you invest, and more, for years to come. Learn how your process ventilation system can become a profit center!

Extend equipment life
Extend Equipment
Life Cycles

It’s a “no-brainer." Work it less and it will work longer. Parts wear out through use. If you can minimize wear and tear you will extend the life of your process ventilation equipment. IVEC™ Systems are designed not only to optimize system performance but also to maximize system life.

IVEC™ Has a Control Solution for Every Dust or Mist Collection Application!

Dust collection solutions for Industry

IVEC™ dust collection and mist filtration controllers maximize energy-efficiency under a wide array of industrial applications!

Look at What Current IVEC™ Customers Continue to Save Each and Every Day!

*Savings calculation based on HP in service, 8 hour shifts,
5 days per week, 9¢ per kilowatt hour since 2007.