Intellivent Cyclone Dust Collector

Intellivent Cyclone Dust Collector

Intellivent Cyclone Dust Collector
powered by IVEC® Provide Clean Air with Low Overall Cost of Ownership

Our comprehensive line of standard cyclones cover applications from 300 to 13,000 CFM and operate at high efficiency as a result of optimal centrifugal speeds, from 3,500 to 7,000 FPM. Excellent for high dust load applications with coarse, heavy particulate.

Intellivent Dust Collectors Optimize Your Air Cleaning:

Establishes downstream air pattern creating higher cleaning efficiency 

Improved cleaning efficiency for lighter particulate.

Provide higher cleaning efficiency and cleaner air, generally required for recirculation.

Advantaged Operating Characteristics

  • Inner Spiral (Helix)
  • Wide range of sizes and capacities
  • Top Mount Fan for Ease if Installation and Maintenance
  • Long Conical Section for Higher Cleaning Efficiency
  • After Filter Options
  • IVEC® Controls Option Reduces Maintenance

Cost Reduction Guarantee

  • Low Up Front Cost per CFM
  • Lower Energy Costs by up to 85%
  • Significantly Improved Filter Life
  • Lower Maintenance Costs


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