IntelliVent IVDV Vertical Series Cartridge Dust Collector

IVDV Vertical Series Cartridge Dust Collector

IntelliVent IVDV Vertical Series Cartridge Dust Collector
powered by IVEC® Provide Clean Air with Low Overall Cost of Ownership

The IVDV Series utilizes patented downflow/verticle technology to minimize re-entrainment and extend filter life. Carefully managed inlet air velocity ensures that the air only flows downward, never upward or sideways. This prevents air movement below the filters where the dust has settled and results in effective cleaning while the dust collector is operating and shut down.

Intellivent Dust Collectors Optimize Your Air Cleaning:

Patented downflow vertical design to ensure consistent filtration and efficient dust handling. Many competitors' products operate with a high level of re-entrainment, which means that energy and filter life are wasted by repeated collecting of the same dust.

Patented design optimizes reverse jet pulse cleaning and increases filter life. With three available methods to initiate the filter cleaning cycle, every IVDV Dust Collector is equipped with the control system that best fits the application.

The downflow/vertical design has a smaller footprint than comparable units with horizontal filters.

Advantaged Operating Characteristics

  • Vertical Design Eliminates Re-entrainment
  • Greater Self-cleaning Effectiveness
  • Cylindrical Fan Housing
  • IVEC® Controls Option Reduces Maintenance

Cost Reduction Guarantee

  • Low Up Front Cost per CFM
  • Lower Energy Costs by up to 85%
  • Significantly Improved Filter Life
  • Lower Maintenance Costs


IVDV Diagram

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