Dust Collection Controllers

What are “Dust Collection Controllers?"

Companies like Boehm-Madisen, Mercury Marine, Halcon Corporation and others, have added intelligent controllers to their facility dust collection and mist filtration systems to save money and become more efficient.

As a result they are saving thousands of dollars in energy and utility costs each month.

So, what system did these companies choose to install? The IVEC® Intelligent Ventilation Energy Control system!


Dust or mist collector controllers play an important role. They are in place to maximize the utilization of your ventilation system network through the efficient management of energy, ventilation on-demand, expandability, worker processes, filter monitoring and significant reduction in equipment maintenance and wear. Each of these functional areas affect your company’s cost of operation and subsequently your profitability.

As the word “controller” implies; "Dust Collection Controllers" manage the dust collection process to reach total system efficiency. For many companies, the cost to run and maintain a process ventilation system is a notable operating expense. A considerable share of this expense is the utility costs associated with running the system. Conventional systems run at peak power throughout each shift, drawing maximum power without regard to utilization.

IVEC® is an intelligent controller. It senses the ventilation need and then regulates the amount of power to fill that need. Without IVEC®, your process ventilation system is wasting a huge internal resource and a lot of money in the process.

There’s more to IVEC® than intelligent ventilation control. IVEC® was developed with the advisory assistance of Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc., a company with more than 40- years in the dust collection and mist filtration business. Working in tandem with Hastings, the IVEC® Systems Team studied the needs of the industry and included more money saving features than any other company in the industry today.