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Generally speaking IVEC® Systems are appropriate for any process ventilation system (dust collector, air cleaner, mist collector, exhaust system) that isn't mandated, due to its process, to deliver 100% of its capacity 100% of the time. If process activity ebbs and flows or machines are used and then not used throughout the day, like nearly every business encounters, then IVEC® Systems controls could be a means for saving a lot of energy and prolonging the life of the equipment involved.

Turn Your Ventilation System into a Profit Center

Whether your process ventilation system is used for ambient or source capture collection, IVEC® can fully optimize it with intelligent “On-Demand” monitoring to achieve full utilization of existing equipment.

Add Capacity to Your Current Air Filtration System

Absolutely. At best taking just a few minutes to evaluate things could wind up saving you a lot of money. At worst you would be confirming that your system is efficient and that upgrading to an IVEC® Systems control at this time may not be financially sound.

Save on Energy and Utility Costs

Here are just a few things you should consider before you buy: - Controls UL Approved and Tested? - Will you "really" get the ROI that's projected? - Is there filter cleaning and monitoring capability? - Warranty on Primary Components? - Company have a Solid Reputation? - Professional Installation by Certified Installers? - Made in the USA?

What To Know When Choosing Energy Controls

IVEC® Systems and its network of experienced distributors understand the gravity and necessity of keeping manufacturing processes up and running at all times. IVEC is, therefore, committed to delivering timely, professional service and support, by knowledgable, capable technicians, whenever it may be required. IVEC® will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.

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