Dust Collection & Fume Extraction Accessories

E-Z Gates - Electric Blast Gates

IVEC® Electric Blast Gates
IVEC® Controls open and close E-Z Gates automatically, reducing energy utilization, minimizing motor wear, optimizing system performance, and saving you money.

IVEC Control Sensors

Ivec® Sensors, when used in conjuction with an Ivec System, save you money.
When the Ivec® Sensor is activated, the dust collector starts and/or the associated gate opens. The Ivec® Control ramps up and controls the speed of the motor to accommodate the change to the system. When the sensor closes, the gate closes, and the motor ramps down, or the dust collector shuts down, saving energy and money!

IVRV - Intellivent Rotary Valves

INTELLIVENT™ IVRV Rotary Valves Optimize your air cleaning system.
Robust, high quality design, includes cast steel housing and machined rotor and end covers to deliver extremely tight tolerances.