E-Z Gates: Electric Blast Gates Powered by IVEC Controls

E-Z Gate - Electric Blast Gates

Better quality. Better performance. Better fit.

IVEC® Systems' redesigned E-Z Gate provides more control of the removal of fume, dust, and mist than any other gate on the market. The new design is twice as strong, lighter weight, and more compact than our previous model. When paired with IVEC controls, the E-Z Gate has a 40% faster response time, which means your slide gate opens and closes faster than ever before. The simplified construction also prevents particulate build-up that typically impedes the opening and closing of traditional gates.

Offered in a wide range of sizes and settings, you are sure to get the best fit for your dust collection or fume venting needs. The automatic functionality of the dampers guarantees that unnecessary energy is not used, while still maximizing the dust, particle, and debris extraction in your facility.

Options: Electric with overload protection or manual. Galvanized or stainless steel. Dry or mist.

Pipe connection options: raw metal edge, flanged, rolled lip adapters

Standard Sizes: 4" - 16" (Ask about custom sizes over 16")

E-Z Gates Electric with Overload Protection  
Power Supply 24VAC/VDC/13W  
Blade out of air stream Yes  
Quick open time Yes  
High-pressure duct seal, 100" WC Yes  
Dirty Environment Yes  
5-year warranty on actuator Yes  
Overload protection Yes  
N/O or N/C Yes - user selectable  
Manual Override Yes  
Modulates with 4-20 mA signal Yes  


Blast Gate Damper Applications:

  • Fume
  • Large Particulate
  • Grinding
  • Mist - water and oil-based applications
  • CNC machining centers
  • Vac System for Housekeeping

If you need assistance regarding E-Z Gates, please contact us today!