Pneumatic Duct E-Z Gates

Pneumatic Duct E-Z gate

IVEC® Electric and Pneumatic Duct Gates.

IVEC® Controls open and close E-Z Gates automatically. The blast gate dampers reduce energy utilization, minimize motor wear, optimize system performance, and save you money. 

At IVEC® Controls, our industrial blast gate systems come in a wide range of sizes and settings to best fit your dust collection or fume venting needs. The automatic functionality of the dampers guarantees that unnecessary energy is not used, while still maximizing the dust, particle, and debris extraction in your facility. With a selection of Electric with Overload Protection as well as Pneumatic E-Z blast gate dampers, IVEC® Controls conserves air volume and allows air to be diverted to the most focused areas for machining.

Available in: Electric with overload protection, pneumatic control and manual options.

Standard Sizes: 4" - 16"

Ask about custom sizes about 16".

E-Z Gates Electric with Overload Protection Pneumatic 
Power Supply 24VAC/VDC/13W 24VDC/VAC/120VAC
Blade out of air stream


Quick open time Yes Yes
High-pressure duct seal, 40" WC Yes Yes
Dirty Environment Yes Yes
5-year warranty on actuator Yes  
Overload protection Yes  
N/O & N/Closed Yes  
Manual Override Yes  


Blast Gate Damper Applications:

  • Fume
  • Large Particulate
  • Grinding
  • Mist
  • Vac System for Housekeeping (Pneumatic only)

If you need assistance regarding E-Z Gates (blast gates or dampers), please contact us today!