IVEC® Control Sensors

IVEC Control Sensors


Ivec® Sensors, when used in conjuction with an Ivec® System, save you money.

When the Ivec® Sensor is activated, the dust collector starts and/or the associated gate opens. The Ivec® Control ramps up and controls the speed of the motor to accommodate the change to the system. When the sensor closes, the gate closes, and the motor ramps down, or the dust collector shuts down, saving energy and money!

Motion Sensor

Great for entire room applications, the motion sensor detects motion over a broad range.

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Current Sensor

The current sensor is ideal for keeping the sensor out of sight and preventing any tampering.

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Welding Holster Sensor

The holster protects the weld gun and senses when the weld gun is returned to the holster.

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Mat Sensor

Stepping on to the mat initiates easy activation for your Ivec System.

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Pneumatic Flow Sensor

Air flowing through the line activates your Ivec System.

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Proximity Sensor

Excellent option for conveyer, bench, and table applications.

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Timer Sensor

Timing out with the Timer Sensor assures energy savings.

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Edge Sensor

Hands Free technology makes this sensor easy to use.

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