General Ventilation Manual Cleaning Mist Collector

GVMST Mist Collector

General Ventilation Manual Cleaning Mist Collector
powered by IVEC® Provide Clean Air with Low Overall Cost of Ownership

For light to medium duty ambient systems.
2500 – 5000 CFM capacity, with IVEC® controls that maintain optimum air flow to improve air filtration, extend filter life and reduce equipment maintenance requirements. Used in light to medium duty ambient air cleaning systems for mist collection.

The Ivec intelligent control system helps you optimize and manage your system automatically. The system routinely adjusts power and fan speed to insure optimized air cleaning operation and, with optional IPS, can provide real-time data remotely to your computer or mobile device. No more wondering if your air cleaning system is working or working properly, IVEC will tell you, and save you money in the process!

Intellivent Dust Collectors Optimize Your Air Cleaning:

The Intellivent GVMST automatically adjusts HP to optimize filter utilization AND with IPS Plus can tell you when to service filters.

Extremely low air-to-cloth ratio provides long filter life, and when it’s finally time to change, the Intellivent GVMST requires no tools to change filters.

The Intellivent GVMST automatically adjusts fan speed to optimize filter cleaning capability.

Advantaged Operating Characteristics

  • Modular, Easily Scalable Design
  • Extremely Low Air-to-Cloth Ratio
  • Easy In/ Out Filters
  • Easy Maintenance

Cost Reduction Guarantee

  • Low Up Front Cost per CFM
  • Lower Energy Costs by up to 85%
  • Significantly Improved Filter Life
  • Lower Installation (Plug and Play) Costs
  • Lower Maintenance Costs


Model CFM


Proprietary Filters Total Filter
Area** (ft2)
H x W x D  

w/new filters)

Air to
Cloth Ratio**
GVMST5-1 5,000


4 512 36 x 74 x 36 600 10:1
GVMST5-2 5,000 8 1,024 36 x 112 x 36 870 5:1

**For additional filter area and reduced air-to-cloth ratio, additional "cubes" can be added.