IVEC® Ultra Dust Collection System

IVEC Ultra Dust Collection System
The IVEC Ultra® system design requires less electricity to run the fan and ‘throw’ air across work areas to direct the particulate to receiving collectors.

Savings Comparisons

  • hp - 385 hp vs. 1900 hp (total system)
  • Electric - $8.00/year of electric cost vs. $500.00+/year (compressed air)
  • Maintenance - 2 hrs/month maintenance vs. 25 hrs/month

How Do We Achieve Such Dramatic Savings?
The general ventilation and air cleaning system includes air filtration units that monitor and control air flow through a filtration system that maintains velocity at a client- or compliance meeting- setpoint.

A recent example- 385 hp required for the IVEC system vs. 1900 hp required for the competitive system to achieve the same results! The motor speed and power usage is controlled to save energy by activating the cubed savings formula dictated by the fan law (ex- 50% reduction in RPM= 87% reduction in energy consumption).

A variable speed drive, intelligently controlled, modifies the motor speed. Compressed air is used sparingly due to a controlled cleaning sequence and algorithm requiring approximately $8.00/year of electric cost for the compressed air consumption vs. $500.00+/year for other systems. 

The intelligent controlling system also includes the industry changing Gatekeeper Sweeper™ ‘housekeeping system’ which cleans units individually or using a central vacuum system.

Maintenance is a breeze with the system, for example, a central system with 42 units requires ONE housekeeping system unit and ONE dust drum replacement every one to two weeks, depending on dust load. This equates to 30 minutes total maintenance time to service all 42 units. Plus, the system will remind the maintenance team that it is time to change the single drum via:

  • email,
  • text, or
  • flashing beacon

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