IVEC® Advanced Demand Controlled Ventilation

IVEC Advanced Demand Controlled Ventilation

The Performance-based System with Advanced Features!

The IVEC® Advanced model provides many of the same features included with the Steward model, but is designed to handle dedicated ventilation applications up to 16 workstations and blower motor horsepower ratings ranging up to 250hp.

Compatible with a wide variety of sensor and switching mechanisms, the Advanced provides on-demand ventilation control and can reduce your energy consumption by 50 to 80%. Add to this other benefits like reduction in facility’s noise levels, reduced negative building pressure, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance intervals while achieving your energy-savings goals.

With its “intelligent efficiency” control technology, the Advanced system monitors filter loading and adjusts to pressure changes by increasing the power output of the blower motor. The result is an air filtration process that is smooth and consistent. 

The Advanced model may be smaller in size, but it’s big on controlling your ventilation system needs!

Select the IVEC® Advanced System When You Require These Features.

  • Includes many features of the Steward specifically optimized for the smaller shop environment
  • Fully automatic management capabilities to monitor and control all system components
  • Offers single point system activation to reduce employee tampering of settings and components
  • Intelligent system technology senses and informs you of possible problems
  • Accepts dry contact switching mechanisms