IVEC® Command Industrial Air Filtration Technology

IVEC Command Industrial Air Filtration Technology

The Next Level of Clean Air Technology is Here

Manage all aspects of your industrial filtration systems with the latest technology available through IVEC Command. IVEC Command truly encompasses everything about Industry 4.0; it is smart technology that works for you.

  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime - Maximize the ability of preventive maintenance to thwart potential equipment failures
  • Troubleshoot - Identify problems quickly and automatically get the information and assistance you need to correct issues in minutes
  • Generate dynamic reports - Pull reports regarding the overall efficiency of the system. Get overviews of how the system is functioning and analyze energy/cost savings
  • Receive remote access and alerts - Access/view system metrics and receive warnings about system faults no matter where you are
  • Lower costs - Boost maintenance efficiency and reduce time needed for support/diagnostics
  • Leverage Outside Resources - Outsource maintenance to IVEC or other distributor to lower overhead and free up maintenance staff

Key Features:

  • Remote Monitoring / Access / Control
  • Data logging
  • Predictive metrics - Predicts filter changes, filter life, etc.
  • Self-diagnostic systems - Detects errors and offers solutions
  • Integrated IVEC support - Built-in parts ordering, operations manuals, how-to videos, technical support calls
  • Data security - Two-factor authentication, security audits on hardware
  • Automated reports displaying system performance
  • Automated notifications of issues / problems