IVEC® IPS-Plus with Multi-Motor Air Filtration Equipment

IVEC IPS-Plus with Multi-Motor Air Filtration Equipment

Our Hybrid System Designed For Ambient Air Filtration Needs

If you’re looking for an ambient air ventilation control system that can handle a multi-motor configuration, this hybrid IPS-Plus with Multi-Motor controller is for you.

Designed to accommodate facility setups with 2 to 15 separate blower motors running in unison, the multi-motor control system also features reduced suction cleaning which greatly improves performance and extends filter life.

Just like each and every IVEC® model, the IPS-Plus with Multi-Motor is built around the concept of “intelligent efficiency” providing significant savings on your energy bill while reducing facility’s noise levels and negative building pressures.

Special features also include our built-in Operating Control Station for real time monitoring and our multi-motor protection system, designed to monitor and react to current load spikes and circumvent damage that can seriously damage internal motor components.

The IPS Plus with Multi-Motor model delivers the power where needed, when needed for your ambient air or weld fume ventilation needs!

Select the IVEC® IPS-Plus With Multi-Motor System When You Require These Features.

  • Automatic gate control to maximize energy efficiency
  • Best suited for facilities that separate production operations and require dedicated motor needs
  • Historical data collection
  • Pre and post energy consumption tracking
  • Real-time component diagnostics