IVEC® IPS-Plus Manual Gate Air Filtration System

IVEC IPS-Plus Manual Gate Air Filtration System

We've taken our IPS model to a greater level of convenience and safety!

If convenient system monitoring and advanced safety features are important requirements at your facility, consider the IVEC® IPS-Plus for your manual gate ventilation needs.

Taking the IPS to a new level of convenience, the IPS-Plus features an Operating Control Station (OCS) with touch screen technology. This exterior control panel makes it simple and easy to view real time diagnostics information along with pre and post energy consumption levels, helping you to determine exactly how much energy you’re saving each and every month.

Because the OCS panel puts nearly all routine control functions outside the cabinet, special precautions or concerns associated with internal access to high-voltage components are no longer a problem, providing safer and faster access to controls when adjustments are necessary.

Other “pluses” for this model include a built-in automatic “Three-Shift Timer” to meet the production work floor schedules, and a reduced suction cleaning feature that stops dust from migrating out of the system's inlets. Real time system diagnostics displayed via the OCS enables you to record up to 35 days of data for system trend reporting.

Although the IPS-Plus is still designed for manual gate operation, this model offers significant convenience and safety features that make it worth consideration!

Features Available With the IVEC® IPS-Plus System

  • Built-in Operating Control Station (OCS)
  • Provides the ability to record and display system usage data
  • Tracks energy usage data and logs historical information to a 2GB removable SD card
  • Features single point activation
  • Uses photo cell technology to monitor performance