IVEC® IPS2 Air Filtration & Ventilation Control System

IVEC IPS Air Filtration & Ventilation Control System

The IPS2 model is simple, but functionally perfect for your basic ventilation needs!

IVEC’s IPS2 is a manual gate operated system, that delivers tremendous savings in energy costs. The system controls energy consumption by overseeing the differential pressure changes of the station between periods of operation and downtime, then controlling the fan speed accordingly.

Though designed to automatically control air flow, the IPS2 provides a “Hand/Off/Auto” selector switch, conveniently located on the front of the cabinet. In the “Hand” position, the fan will run at a preset speed that is controlled using an IPS2 parameter setting. Set to “Auto”, the fan speed follows the differential pressure transducer to optimize energy consumption and maximize savings on your electric bill.

When you choose the Ivec IPS2, you’re choosing reliability. Each system is made up of components manufactured right here in the USA and backed by a company with a solid reputation in the dust collection industry.

The IPS2 model is simply the best single function controller in the industry!

Choose the IVEC® IPS2 System When You Require These Features.

  • Great for controlling single stations ventilation needs
  • Thermostatically controlled fan with filter
  • Drive OK indication LED
  • Remote Start/Stop Capability
  • Manual Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch
  • Zero Speed Relay
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure, up to 125 hp; NEMA 12, 450 hp and beyond