IVEC® Steward Ventilation Control System

IVEC<sup>®</sup> Steward Ventilation Control System

Design, Performance and Experience, Combine to Create Intelligent Efficiency!

Solid state "networking technology" and over 50-years of dust collection design experience went into the creation of this high-performance top-of-the-line model from IVEC® Systems.

Capable of controlling the individual ventilation needs of up to 200+ workstations simultaneously, the Steward’s unique network design allows it to be expanded for additional drops at any time, making the Steward the best solution for business operations seeking flexibility and growth.

Using a host of automated switching and sensor devices, the Steward automatically controls gates to provide just the right amount of suction for each individual workstation, while carefully regulating power to the blower, delivering optimal performance to the entire shop. Results have shown energy savings as high as 85% over conventional systems.

When considering a ventilation control system, know that the Steward is packed with more standard Features and Options than any other system on the market today.

If you’re looking for the best in “system-based efficiency” … you’re looking for the IVEC® Steward.

Our Premier System Includes Features You Can Grow With.

  • Designed for any size ventilation need
  • Single point auto activation
  • Fully automatic management capabilities to control all system components
  • Flexible and adjustable to meet your ventilation needs as they change
  • Intelligent system technology senses and informs you of possible problems
  • UL Certified. Meets NEC, CSA, and NFPA 70E Standards
  • Unauthorized activation is safe guarded with single point auto activation
  • Features a bin full indicator option
  • Remote Access And Visualization (RAAV) available
  • Historical data logging and energy consumption monitoring with IVEC Command