FV-225-3 Mobile Weld Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction On/Off

FumeVac™ by IVEC Systems, the FV-225-3 Offers Multiple Options to Control Pollutant Emissions.

Capture welding fume with vacuum assisted MIG guns. The FV-225-3 can either be used as a mobile unit or as a vacuum source for a small network. Filtered air can be recirculated back to the workspace or evacuated outside. The design enables each turbine to work separately at a very low noise level. 

Stock model features: manometer, cartridge status indicator, hour meter, remote starter, 0-5h delay switch, 2" and 3" inlets, 4" outlet.


  • 68 dB due to high performance acoustic insulation
  • 225 ft² of filtration area
  • Complete panel to control 3 high performance turbines


  • Up to 3 workstations simultaneously
  • Cost efficient unit for small vacuum networks
  • Rugged design guaranteed for 1 year with minimal required maintenance

Optional Features available: HEPA filter and adapter, welding gas signal remote starter.



ivfe 225-3 model specs