Optimize Industrial Source Capture & Add New Controllers


Get more out of what you already own.

Whether your process ventilation system is used for ambient or source capture collection, IVEC® can adapt and fully optimize it with intelligent “On-Demand” monitoring and full utilization of existing equipment.

Add New or Retrofit Your Existing System

IVEC® can easily be retrofitted to existing process ventilation systems or the systems can be expanded with additional drops at any time so your system can grow with your business needs. Upon activation IVEC® will automatically start adjusting your process ventilation system to ultimately deliver a cleaner and more pleasant working environment.

The Intelligent Choice

The difference between a conventional process ventilation system and an IVEC® system is its Intelligent Central Controller that not only manages the cleaning or exhaust process but also cycles on your collector’s cleaning system, alerts you when your filters are nearing capacity, and sends this valuable information to you anywhere on-site or conveniently off-site to the remote location of your choice.

Why Be Conventional?

Step up to the full capabilities of IVEC® that offers your current ventilation system the opportunity to grow without costly modifications, longer equipment life cycles, a reduction in necessary maintenance intervals and the opportunity to save on energy costs.

What others are saying about IVEC®

The Boehm-Madisen Story:

"A few years ago we talked about purchasing a larger dust collector as a way to increase our capacity and allow more equipment to be added to accommodate our growth. What first attracted us to Ivec was the cost savings. Buying the (Ivec) system was more than $70,000 less than buying a larger dust collector.

By retrofitting our existing installation with the Ivec control system, Ivec allows our system to work more efficiently by closing individual gates when the machines are not in use and turning off the dust collector when all the machines are off.

We’re extremely happy with Ivec.”