COVID-19 Virus Capture and Containment

Viruses are microorganisms that may become airborne. Indoor air contains the most contaminants as it is confined and has no space to escape, and the air is recycled causing infections to transmit quickly and easily. Hence, it is more likely to catch infections while indoors.

When modified with a HEPA filter, which captures virus particles and meets CDC guidelines for infectious diseases, the GVAP air filtration unit captures and contains infectious viruses, like COVID-19. When we capture and contain these organisms by using high-efficiency filtration and air cleaning techniques, we are effectively able to limit our exposure to them. By limiting our exposure, we limit our risk of infection. 

Coronavirus is most commonly transmitted through touch and expelled bodily fluids (from coughs and sneezes). These particles, depending on the size, can stay suspended in the air for up to three hours. By using a filter that is capable of capturing submicron particles, and a unit that has the horsepower needed to handle such a fine filtration, all infected droplets passing through the air cleaner will be collected.  Once captured, the filter contains these droplets until the virus is allowed to naturally die.

 Facility Filtration Compatibility

With today’s battle with the Coronavirus pandemic, public health and safety has become paramount. Both the public and private sectors are working overtime to ensure employees and visitors are being protected from the virus. These modified GVAP units filter ambient air which is the general air in a room or facility to purify the space of harmful particles and trap the viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. When combined with other sanitary best practices (hand washing, sanitizing commonly used surfaces, and social distancing) the GVAP unit and HEPA high efficiency air filter create a safer environment for employees and guests.

These units are ideal for:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Hospitals, Waiting Rooms, Doctor Offices
  • Infection Control Clinics
  • Other Healthcare Facilities
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Commercial Offices
  • Industrial Facilities & Offices 

GVAP Technical Specifications

The GVAP unit with a HEPA H13 high efficiency filter captures virus particles and respiratory droplets until they die. This unit meets the CDC filtration efficiency guidelines of 99.97% at 0.3 microns for infectious diseases. The GVAP unit is fitted with a pre-filter and a 95% efficient fiberglass bag filter. The added HEPA filter becomes a third type of filtration built into the unit which is especially targeting infectious disease capture. These units filter ambient air which is the general air in a room or facility.

Not all HEPA or high efficiency air filters meet CDC guidelines. Consult an air filtration expert to review your filter system and framing equipment options, and to ensure air bypass paths are eliminated.

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