How Dust Collection Controllers Work

What are “Dust Collection Controls?

Ivec automated controls

Dust Collection Controls are intelligent systems used to monitor and control all types of industrial air purifiers, dust collectors, and mist filtration systems.

Benefits of dust collection controllers include:

  • maximized energy efficiency
  • ventilation on-demand
  • streamlined worker processes
  • easy expandability
  • significant reductions in filter and equipment wear


The IVEC® Intelligent Ventilation Energy Control system can work with the ventilation system that your company already has, turning the equipment on and off as needed, and allocating only the necessary power. It’s easily expandable, able to add new drops at any time, and grow as your company grows or changes. As a result, you lower your operating costs, saving thousands of dollars in energy and utilities each month.

Companies like Boehm-Madisen, Mercury Marine, Halcon Corporation, and others have already added the IVEC® Intelligent Ventilation Energy Control systems to their facilities to save money and become more efficient.

How Do Dust Collection Controllers work?

As the word “controller” implies, "Dust Collection Controllers" manage the dust collection process to reach total system efficiency by regulating the power each collector uses. Conventional systems run at peak power throughout each shift, constantly drawing maximum power, and racking up significant operating expenses in the process.

In contrast, IVEC® is an intelligent controller. It senses the ventilation need at any given time and allocates the exact amount of power to fill that need. Without IVEC®, your process ventilation system burns through money and resources every minute.

Why IVEC® Intelligent Ventilation Energy Controls?

There’s more to IVEC® than just intelligent ventilation control. IVEC® was developed with the advisory assistance of Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc., a company with over 50 years in the dust collection and mist filtration business. Working in tandem with Hastings, the IVEC® Systems Team studied the needs of the industry and included more money-saving and environmentally-focused features than any other company in the industry today.

Grants and Incentives

Not only does IVEC technology save you money, but we’ll also help you apply for federal, state, and local grants and subsidies to offset your costs even further. The IVEC® Grants and Incentives Team helps customers navigate the complex maze of requirements to qualify for assistance in your local area. When you choose IVEC® you not only receive significant energy savings, you also get five-star customer support built around making the most of your investment.