Extend the Life of Air Ventilation Systems

extend equipment life cycle

Get more out of what you already own.

IVEC® is designed to optimize your ventilation system and its individual components by effectively managing when and how the system is used.

Work it Less … Work it Longer!

IVEC® “On-Demand” technology eliminates unnecessary use of system equipment to dramatically extend the life of the components. It automatically monitors and senses when work stations are idle or when components like filters are nearing their effective capacity. With IVEC®, filters last 25 to 50% longer due to the reduced pressure on them. Other components last longer because of increased efficiencies within the system.

Extend Filter Life!

IVEC® and its Intelligent Ventilation Energy Control models also govern components like fans and blower motors to reduce air flow velocity relative to a variety of system needs. Like filters, these other system components experience longer and more productive service life with extended intervals between maintenance.

Now that’s a cost savings in man hours and equipment replacement expense that you can take to the bank!

Longer Life With Less Overall Operating Expense!

Running motors at a lower controlled optimal rpm produces less wear and tear on bearings and extends belt life where belt-driven fans are employed.

A lower optimal blower speed also means less compressed air and filter pulses because of low air-to-cloth.

This can effectively reduce abrasion on filters and also minimize wear and tear on the diaphragm valves.