Vehicle Exhaust Removal System

Working near exhaust fumes exposes employees to poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Overexposure to this odorless and colorless gas can cause injury and even death.

Troubling as it may seem, even mild exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. The most efficient way to combat exposure is to capture the exhaust fumes at the source and eliminate harmful pollutants.

IVEC®offers systems that can handle the smallest of shops or warehousing complexes that involve millions of cubic feet.

View our products that are excellent for the Vehicle Exhaust industry:

Dust Collectors

GVMC - Manual Cleaning

GVSC Self Cleaning

GVAP All Purpose

IVBH Baghouse

IVCY Cyclone

IVDC Intelliflo Cartridge

IVDV Vertical Series Cartridge


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