Maximize Industrial Air Ventilation ROI

maximize air ventilation ROI

Increase your profitability by reducing your operating expense ... almost immediately.

Take a look at what you’re spending on utility costs each month to run your process ventilation and air filtration systems. Now imagine cutting those costs by 50% to 85% each month. Energy prices will continue to rise. The fast pay back on an IVEC® investment goes directly to your bottom line not for just a month or two, but month after month, year after year!

Get More For Less!

A typical process ventilation system without IVEC® runs at peak power 100% of the time. Its capacity is “fixed” to handle a predetermined number of drops or work stations.

With IVEC® Systems, adjustments are automatically made based on need. This intelligent monitoring system optimizes energy efficiency and blower capacity. Power is provided for additional needs when required. The savings in utility cost, equipment life and maintenance is a major contributor to your overall ROI.

All said, this means that with IVEC® you’ll get a lot more flexibility out of your existing process ventilation equipment and that savings translates into increased profitability.

Whether your facility is large or small, has a few or many application, IVEC® is the process ventilation solution that keeps providing a return long after your initial investment!

Going Green with IVEC® May Have Additional Benefits!

Check our site for information on published governmental energy grants, possible tax incentives and other local subsidies that may benefit your organization when you install IVEC®.

IVEC® is your Business Partner in Effective Energy Control!