Air Ventilation Controllers to Reduce Noise

reduce shop noise

Provide Your Workers with a Quieter, More Pleasant Working Environment.

It's true! IVEC® delivers a quieter, more productive environment. IVEC®’s intelligent system controller and complete line of IVEC®models reduce noise by regulating your ventilation system fans/blowers to the demands of your facility.

"After installation one of my operators came up to me and asked if the dust collector was still on because ...

... it was so quiet."

- Halcon Corporation

Quieter Operation through Effective Monitoring

Sensing when work stations are not in use is key to properly regulating system components that create unwanted noise. That’s what IVEC® does so effectively through a series of sensors that send signals telling the system to automatically shut gates to the idle drops and then adjusts the system fan to a lower speed for a quieter environment. Besides hearing the difference, IVEC® can also reduce the negative pressure within your facility making it more attractive to employees and customers alike.

The Intelligent Choice!

IVEC® is the Intelligent Ventilation Energy Control system that cuts the noise and cleans the air for a more productive and energy-efficient work environment. 

Reduce "noise polution" in your work environment with IVEC®!