Cost Saving Air Ventilation & Dust Collection

IVEC lowers filtration cost

Dramatically Lower Your Air Filtration "Cost of Operation"

IVEC® saves energy and utility costs through the system’s constant monitoring and control of your facility's process ventilation and filtration components. For most companies, the savings are so significant that IVEC® pays for itself in just a few short years.

Conventional systems run at full power during daily operation. IVEC®provides “intelligent ventilation” that automatically adjusts fan output speed up or down on-demand depending on the process requirements of your process ventilation system.

When we first started using (the) IVEC® System we got a call from the utility company wondering if their meter was working correctly. That's how much we were able to drive down our consumption.

- Boehm-Madisen Lumber Company

How IVEC® Manages Power Consumption

This on-demand technology, through a computer-controlled series of sensors and switches, signals to IVEC®’s Central Control System when certain processes become active and to what degree. The system then governs the amount of power to the blower while at the same time controls gate operation for maintaining efficient air flow.

IVEC® Does More Than Manage Energy!

The total automation capability of IVEC® also increases employee productivity, controls cleaning cycles for self-cleaning collectors, detects broken collection bags and monitors filter-loading that can cause pressure changes on the overall system.

IVEC® Intelligent Ventilation Energy Controls can also provide valuable analytics to your local facility manager or to anyone at a remote location with the RAAV System (Remote Access and Visualization) available on all Steward Models. IVEC® truly does put control back into your hands.

Minimize your energy consumption, meet corporate sustainability goals and start saving with IVEC® today.