How to Choose a Dust Collection System

What You Should Know When Choosing a Dust Collection Controller

Companies like Boehm-Madisen, Mercury Marine, Halcon Corporation and others, have installed dust collection controllers that do more than simply reduce energy consumption. IVEC®'s state-of-the-art control system integrates into a company’s ventilation system and makes a significant contribution to reduce maintenance, extend equipment life, increase employee productivity, extend filter life and provide a significant return on investment (ROI).

Not All "Intelligent Ventilation Controllers" Are Created Equal!

When choosing a dust collection or mist controller system, make sure you do your homework. Look to a company with a reputation for success. Make certain it guarantees the kinds of returns you expect!

Here are just a few things you need to ask … before you buy.

IVEC UL Approved Controllers

Is the Controller UL Approved and Tested?

All IVEC® Systems are UL Approved and Tested
The last thing you need is a system that fails to meet quality control standards or compliance issues that could add a liability to your company. That’s why you should insist on a system that is fully UL approved for installation in your facility. At IVEC® Systems we go further to ensure that all systems meet NEC, CSA and NFPA 70E standards to ensure that your company meets all required safety and liability guidelines.

IVEC provides confident ROI

Does Your Company Have Past Customers I Can Contact?

Look for a Confident Return on Investment
Every company will claim their system is the best. Before you decide on a process control system for your company ask for proof. Seek out independent third party assessments of the products you are considering along with a list of satisfied customers that continue to stand behind and praise the company you’re considering.

maximize filter life

How Does Your System Maximize Filter Life?

Filter Cleaning & Monitoring Capability
Look for added features like filter cleaning and monitoring. Without these features your new dust collection system is only capable of doing half the job. Look for a system that maximizes filter life and utility and don’t settle for anything less than a monitoring system that provides the information your maintenance staff needs to efficiently maintain your system without guesswork. If remote system monitoring is what you require, ask about RAAV (Remote Access and Visualization) capability available on IVEC® Steward Models.

IVEC 100% satisfaction guarantee

What’s Your Warranty on Installation and Components?

Full Two-Year Warranty on Primary Components
The quality of a product and the installation is reflected in the warranty that supports it. Look for an installation that offers at least a one full year warranty on minor components and a full two-year warranty on its primary operating components. Secondly, choose a company that insists on being there until you fully sign-off on the installation.

IVEC collaboration with Hastings

What Does Your Company Actually Know About the Dust Collection and Mist Filtration Business?

Backed by a Company with a Solid Reputation
During design and development, IVEC® System Engineers counseled with members of Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. to uncover all of the concerns and issues prevalent in the dust collection and mist filtration industry. From this advisory collaboration, IVEC® Systems created a state-of-the-art product that is now being offered nationally.

Professional Installation by Certified Installers

What Can I Count On for Service - After the Sale?

Professional Installation by Certified Installers
Every installation and mechanical contracting team is fully certified and vetted to provide a well-engineered and efficient installation. Professional installers are specially trained by IVEC® Systems to install, program, test and troubleshoot any situation.

All Components Made in the USA

How Do I Know that the Installation I Receive is Produced Using Quality Components?

All Components Made in the USA
All IVEC® components are made right here in the USA. IVEC® maintains a readily available array of components supported by a solid and experienced team of customer service representatives. You can be sure that the advice or solution you’re looking for is just a phone call away. Furthermore, when you choose to go with IVEC®, you’re keeping Americans on the job. That’s a win/win situation for all of us!