Wood Dust Collection Success Story

IVEC assists Boehm-Madisen

Boehm-Madisen Extends Equipment Capacity and Saves Over $80,000 by Choosing IVEC®!

An IVEC® retrofit solution versus buying new proves to be the right solution for Boehm-Madisen’s dust collection needs!

The Challenge:

Boehm-Madisen is a wholesale supply company located in Waukesha, WI providing lumber, sheet goods and custom millwork products to the construction industry. During daily operations, the company generates high volumes of wood dust and larger particles placing a considerable strain on its current dust collection system. This strain caused the dust collection system to operate ineffectively leaving behind large particles which would damage the finished product.  It seemed that the only solution would be to install a new dust collection system at a cost of more than $70,000 and a loss of two weeks production while installation was underway.

The Solution:

Boehm-Madisen instead contacted IVEC® Systems, who retrofitted their existing dust collector with a 16 gate IPS/Advanced IVEC® System. The IVEC® alternative offered them more suction capacity at workstations by intelligently controlling their system motors and gates automatically, totally eliminating the problem of damaging particles. In addition, the IVEC® system increased the capacity of their current equipment to handle future expansion needs and the installation required no loss of production time.

The Utility company actually contacted me and asked ‘Did you go out of business?’ because our electric consumption dropped so significantly. IVEC® saved our company $80,000 because I didn’t have to purchase a new, larger dust collector that the other guys recommended.

- Boehm-Madisen

The Results:

By increasing the capacity of their existing dust collection system using IVEC®, Boehm was able to forgo the $70,000 cost of a new installation and a two week loss of production. The company also began to show a savings of $1,000 per month in energy consumption costs. This continued monthly savings, coupled with eliminated need for a new system, brought the total savings to well over $80,000 for the year.

Watch the Boehm-Madisen case study video: