Dust Collector Maintains Duct Velocity Success Story

cabinetry plus

IVEC System Guarantees Velocity and Saves Energy

Company seeks to centralize dust collection in compliance with NFP 664. IVEC® Steward saves energy and monitors duct velocity.

The Challenge:

Cabinetry Plus is a Midwest manufacturer of wood cabinets. The company wanted to upgrade their air cleaning system to meet NFPA 664 requirements. The existing three dust collectors could not provide the necessary CFM and duct velocity to meet the NFPA standards.

In addition, the units were located inside the plant and were very loud and used excess energy as they ran full power regardless of how many wood processes were operating. Finally, the decentralized units also made maintenance more difficult.

The Solution:

Option #1: Add additional dust collectors or a single high Hp dust collector to provide the required CFM and duct velocity (would have required 50 Hp total)

Option #2: Install a central external, 30 Hp dust collector, compliant with all regulations, along with an IVEC Steward control system to maintain and ensure compliance, improve maintenance costs, and significantly reduce energy utilization.

The Steward control system:

  • Starts the dust collector as the wood working processes start
  • Opens duct gates as new/additional equipment comes on-line
  • Monitors and maintains duct velocity by adjusting the blower motor Hp to ensure compliance with NFPA 664 requirements. In addition, by slowing the motor when fewer operations are running, and turning the system off automatically, IVEC Steward significantly reduces energy costs.

Cabinetry Plus chose the IVEC Steward option.

The Results:

  • Increased capacity due to automation
  • Guaranteed velocities through duct monitoring (provides compliance to NFPA 664 with full Hp install)
  • Energy savings of more than 60% vs. standard unit (30 Hp unit typically running at 15 Hp or less)
  • More than double filter life vs. standard system
  • Collector in central exterior location for ease of maintenance
  • Reduced noise & maintenance