Metal Dust Collection System Success Story

An Orthopedic Parts Manufacturer gets an Upgrade and Creates a Safer Work Environment by Choosing IVEC®!

An outdated, ill-suited dust collector created a fire hazard and IVEC products proved to be just the upgrade they needed.

The Challenge:

A buffing machine was running through a dust collection system that was not properly engineered for the application. As a result of its outdated design, the filter spacing in the collector was inadequate, which did not allow lint to clear off the bags sufficiently. This inhibited proper maintenance procedures and ultimately resulted in a fire.

The client had to acquire a temporary unit resulting in a significant monthly rental fee. To save money long term and ensure a proper working system, they decided it would be best to install a new dust collection unit, one that was fully NFPA and OSHA approved and designed for their exact application. They contacted IVEC, who in turn reached out to our East Coast systems integrators, Air Process Systems in New Jersey.

The Solution:

Replacing the damaged unit with the exact same design was an option. However, the client appreciated that Air Process Systems offered a complete turnkey solution – including purchasing, installation, and training – and a system that met the latest standards. The client was very comfortable working with the same professionals throughout the process.

Air Process Systems presented the most cost efficient, properly designed solution, the client chose a 16000 CFM IVDC unit equipped with:

  • A “knock out box” for larger material, such as lint from the buffing machine, to drop out prior to the rest of the metal dust advancing to other filters.
  • Duct work configurations that abided by NFPA and OSHA requirements (No Return Valve, Explosion Isolation, & Abort Gate).
  • The potential to add a “smart gate” in the future