Reducing Smoke & Weld Fume Success Story

Wenthe Davidson facility

Reducing smoke & weld fume - How a metal fabricator improved air quality & reduced fire risk, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, November 2017

Hastings' Paul Baumgartner designed  a non-ducted ambient system which has a smaller footprint, requires very little maintenance and reduced weld fume by 82-percent.
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I like this system for the adaptability to our ever changing production floor and the online monitoring and trending for easier maintenance planning, and our employees are happier with cleaner air.

- Peter Bruce, Maintenance Manager

The Results

Post-installation testing revealed an 82-percent reduction in weld fume, and Wenthe-Davidson’s employees immediately noticed an improvement in air quality in the manufacturing plant once the ambient collection system was in place. The new system significantly reduced the risk of fires which increased employee confidence, and Wenthe-Davidson was able to create a cleaner and more comfortable work environment as the amount of dust and smoke in the air decreased.